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About Us

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 Our factory is located in the fast developing economic zone of changjiang delta in east China, lies in Hangjiahu Plain, well known as the hometown of rice and fish. It borders Shanghai in the north and Hangzhou in the south, very near the Hu-Hang Expressway and the Orient Port-Zhapu port. And also the factory is beside the Nan-bei Lake, a beautiful scenic spot, with spectacular landscape and convenient transportation.

Our factory was founded in 1986, covering a land area of 33,000 square meters, construction area of 16,000square meters, equipped with Taiwan-made and Japan-made automatic bulb production assembly lines, and also the fluorescent tube production equipment. The factory has a strong professional tech team, adopting advanced technology and testing means, our main products including: lighting bulb, decorative bulb, special use bulb, fluorescent tube, ultraviolet tube, slim energy-saving tube, etc, total variety of 100 types, with annual output reaching 100 million pieces.

Our factory sticks to the managing concept: Honesty as the basis, win on quality, our products are popular all over China and exported to Europe, the US and Asia, more than 50 countries and regions. We warmly welcome friends both at home and abroad to establish business relations with us and create a wonderful future together.

Factory director: Wand Fulin

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